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Boron NMR

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Boron is an emerging element of interest due to its unique chemical properties arising from its empty p-orbital. Characterization of boron by NMR is typically done with the B-11 isotope due to higher sensitivity (higher magnetogyric constant) and greater natural abundance leading to sharper signal. B-10 can also be used for NMR but generally leads to broader signals. If the sample is enriched with B-10, however, it would be the more ideal isotope to use. Common chemical shifts of different boron-containing derviatives are shown above. Due to many NMR tubes being made from borosilicate glass as well as the presence of Boron in some probes, spectra of B-11 tend to have a broad signal along the baseline from these sources. Special quartz NMR tubes can be used to reduce the impact of this background.