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Instruments for Optical Rotation

NMR Testing Services, Mass Spec, Elemental Analysis and Optical Rotation

NuMega operates a Jasco P-2000 polarimeter for the measurement of optical activity in chiral molecules. Our current light source for the instrument is a sodium lamp with a 589 nm wavelength filter. The polarimeter operates by directing light through a polarized lens and through the sample cell to quantify how much the molecule in solution rotates the plane-polarized light. All samples that rotate to the right or dextrorotary are designated with a (+) for clockwise motion. All samples that rotate to the left or levorotatory are designated with a (-) for counter-clockwise motion. Our instrument is equipped with a temperature controlled chamber capable of maintaining temperatures anywhere from 15-40°C. We have 2 cell sizes: 3.5 x 100mm with a capacity for 3 mL of solvent and 10 x 100mm with a capacity for 10 mL solvent to accommodate the needs of your experiment. Our report includes the specific optical rotation, concentration, temperature, and path length of the cell.